Generally when you hear a blues band described, the words “high energy” will not be at the forefront.

That, however, is exactly what The Hummingbirdz bring to every performance.

Fueled by fiery, passionate, and soulful solo performances by Don Haag on harmonica and lead guitarist Bob White coupled with a strong vocal presence and stellar rhythm section, with one listen you'll see why The Hummingbirdz have quickly become a fan favorite.

The Hummingbirdz originally formed in the spring of 2004 and quickly gained a loyal following in their local area of Livermore / Pleasanton as well as Napa and the North Bay playing covers and original songs inspired by blues legends such as Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon and Junior Wells.

The Hummingbirdz are available for Wineries, Pubs, Charity Events, Festivals, Fairs, Clubs and Parties (please no weddings!).

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